CityBee Country/Community Manager

Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia · Mobility Business Line


We are an international organisation operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Established in 1993, today we offer a great variety of different businesses and investment opportunities in the fields of renewable energy, mobility services, auto business and real estate. The brands that we have launched, while very different and unique all follow the same key guidelines: they are all about investing into the future, working smart and trusting green.

Bzzzz, the journey of CityBee started in Lithuania 6 years ago with only 5 cars meant for renting and sharing. Today CityBee car fleet has over 1000 vehicles driven by more than 100,000 members of our community in Lithuania and Poland. In a year 2017 alone CityBee cars traveled a distance equal to 300 journeys around the Earth and by choosing car-sharing instead of owning the car the community saved around 100 tons of CO2! And this is just a beginning! Our team is pumped up and not going to stop until we create an innovative, comfortable, community-led and greener MOBILE future.

We’re going to expand our car-sharing service to Estonia and now starting to look for new team members!

As a CityBee Country/Community Manager you will be responsible for launching and managing the car-sharing services project in Estonia. You will develop, scale and optimize new and existing processes to allow the business to efficiently operate and grow. You will set-up and lead the customer engagement process by implementing various social media marketing and other communication campaigns. Once we will be up and ready to go - you will build and nurture the relationships with our outstanding CityBee community. Ready for such a once-in-a-life-time challenge? Then hop-in!


To be our perfect fit we expect you to:


Here is what to expect from the day you join our team onwards:

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